Monday, May 25th, 2015

Field Trips

“The world is our classroom.”

Field trips are an essential part of the Chino Valley Christian Schools curriculum.

The on campus curriculum and the field trip experience go “hand n hand” in developing a wonderful world of education for every child.  Trips to Catalina Island, art museums, cultural events, exploring the ocean, a restaurant business, our state’s capitol or visiting the founding of our country’s constitution brings to life all the facets of education.  Some of our field trips encourage our students to be involved in their world with the need of our local community.

Field trips enrich our classroom studies, and bring to “light” our first hand learning experience that are beyond our school campus.

* Below are just some examples of our field trips offered to CVCS students and parents.

* There will be other field trips offered through the year that will be determined according to availability and the curriculum needs.


L.A. County Fair – Students learn about farm animals and how they provide food & clothing for us.  Field trip consists of visit to Big Red Barn,  cow milking presentation & petting zoo.

Santa Ana Zoo – Students learn about zoo animals from all parts of the world.  Field trip consists of animal presentation & self guided tour.

First grade:

Community field trip – Students visit several sites within the community to observe and understand how various jobs and businesses work together to serve the community’s needs.  Each site has a pre-set program specifically designed for this grade level.  Sites may include: a restaurant, police station, fire station, dental office, and/or farm.

KidSpace – In connection with a science unit about insects, students visit this interactive museum to view insects and their habitats.  Students are encouraged to note and use recently learned facts and vocabulary when making observations about insects in the museum.  Students also attend a special program to interact with specific insects under the guidance of a museum employee.

Aquarium of the Pacific – To culminate a science unit covering various ocean animals, first grade students spend all day viewing, touching, and interacting with various ocean animals which are part of this facility.  Students have the opportunity to observe animals in their habitats during feeding times and training sessions.  At the aquarium, students are encouraged to identify and discuss certain animals which have been studied in the classroom.

Second grade:

Mrs. Nelson’s Bookstore in La Verne – Second grade get to meet and interview authors/illustrators who encourage them in their creative writing efforts.

Discovery Science Center in Santa Ann – Second grade has a time of hands-on exploration in Science.

Rancho Santa Ana Botonical Gardens in Claremont – Second grade experiences the variety of plant life at the Gardens.

Third grade:

Every year a new experience – field trips are an important part of our curriculum such as Riley’s Farm, In-N-Out, Discovery Science Center in Santa Ann and Santa Monica Planetarium, Santa Monica

Fourth grade:

Sacramento / Capital Trip – our students enjoy a live, hands-on experience in California history with a trip to Sacramento.  We get a glimpse of the legislative process in our tour of the capitol building, pan for gold just like the forty-niners, learn some lessons in a one-room schoolhouse, and walk through some of the earliest railroad cars from the transcontinental railroad.

Fifth grade:

Griffith Park Observatory – The program uses the Observatory’s telescope, exhibit, and building content as well as programs in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon theater. Museum Guides and Observatory Lecturers will guide students in standards-based learning experiences using our unique facilities. Each component of the program is designed to complement the others and to support the fifth-grade education standards.  The content and activities are aligned with the California State Board of Education Content Standards for fifth grade.

American History at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, California – Students experience first-hand what soldiers endured through the American Revolution and the Civil War. Students are able to participate in a mock war, as well as eat a soldier’s rationing of food. This all day field trip really brings to life what is learned in the classroom.

Middle School – 6-8 grade

Spiritual Retreat – 6-8 grade venture to a retreat that will focus their attention in the presence of God – His Holiness, His Word,  His Promises and His great love for each of us.  This is an October / November retreat for three day and two night trip.

Catalina Island – (6th grade)  Long Beach Marine Institute’s Catalina Island Camp is a study in island and marine ecology with an emphasis on the scientific method.  Beginning with the program orientation, students are introduced to the process of scientific inquiry, postulation and reporting.  They are briefed on the subject of journal keeping and required to maintain a scientific journal for the duration of the camp.  Campus by the Sea is a modern, comfortable compound in a rustic island setting.  Located just a couple of miles west of Avalon.  This is an April / May trip for a three day and two night trip.

San Francisco( 7th Grade)  A class trip to San Francisco offers students an up-close-and-personal look at San Francisco’s unique architecture, colorful history and ethnic neighborhoods.  As one of the most popular destinations in San Francisco, our students can stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf and the waterfront area, explore the Golden Gate Park museums, visit Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Warf, greater knowledge of the California State history, visit Alcatraz, and receive a guided tour of the magnificent Muir Woods.  On the way home, maybe a stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This is an April / May trip starting at a three day and two night trip.

Washington DC – (8th Grade)  On a Christian Discoveries program, students are challenged to evaluate their personal relationship with God and discover how they can make a difference in the world. Students acquire fresh insight into the fervent faith of our founding fathers, learn how faith in God has been important in our nation’s development, and gain a closer perspective on Christian influences within government today. Students return home with a deeper understanding of God’s role in history, an appreciation for the men and women who have paid the price to secure the freedoms we all enjoy today, and the resolve to pursue God’s plan for their lives.  This is a May trip for seven / eight day trip.

  • Other field trip experience that rotate through the Middle School program:
    • Museum of Tolerance, Getty Museum, Hope International University Drama, San Diego just to mention a few.