Thursday, May 28th, 2015

School Events

Family Skate Night

On Monday, January 10th, our school enjoyed a night out at our local Skate Express skating rink. This was an evening of laughs, games, and fellowship. Mr. Q, Miss Schwartzberg, Miss Pierce, and Mr. Roberts showed the students how skating is done. Our very own Kindergartener Brandon Silva was doing laps around everyone. His enthusiasm, determination, and energy provided strength to all the students. It was exciting to see all the students trying and learning how to skate as well. Giving up for these students was not an option. They continued to work hard until they succeeded and learned how to skate. If you did not want to skate that didn’t stop you from having fun. Many students enjoyed the bowling, bumper cars, and video games as well.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                City of Chino Christmas Program

On Saturday December the 11th, CVCS had the honor to be invited by the City of Chino to participate in their Christmas Program. Our k-5th grade children sang Christmas and worship songs, students that were involved in our after school violin class were able to play a song and we ended with our wonderful cheer leaders who performed a few cheers.

See Cheer Video:

See Violin Video:










Barnes and Noble

We were so blessed to be able to host a CVCS fundraiser at Barnes and Noble
in Chino Hills on November the 30th. Our K-5th students were given the wonderful
opportunity to sing Christmas songs inside the store for everyone to hear.
Our 1-5th grade teachers had a special reading time as students sat and
listened to the stories. We ended our night with our middle school singing
worship songs. We all had a fabulous night with our CVCS family.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CVCS Special way to Celebrate Thanksgiving

CVCS was given the opportunity to “Give to Others”.  We collected new socks
during our Chapel services to be presented at a Children’s Orphanage in Baja
Mexico. This mission project was a practical way to teach our children to
consider others. Please view the video and the pictures.

See Video:

Mult Cultural Day

Elementary and Middle/High School

Multi Cultural Day is a great day that provides students with information about the many different cultures that surround us each and everyday. This year the students learned abour Mexico, Italy, China, Greece, Holland, and France.

The students were lead from country to country by middle school tour guides thoughout the morning. In each country the teacher presented information about the country and the culture. Then the students had a chance to make a craft/souvenir that represented the culture. Before they left to their next destination, they took out their passports and had them stamped.

Everyone had a great time! This will be a day to remember.


Preschool had an amazing day with Multi Cultural Day. Preschoolers learned about the countries and cultures of Cuba, China, Italy, and South America.

They started off in their own rooms and had a chance to listen to music, taste food, make a craft, and learn information about their classes country. Soon after they rotated to the different classes and learned about the other countries in the preschool building.

After they traveled around the countries, they went outside for some fun. There the students participated in a Trike-a-Thon, cake walk, and jumper! There were a lot of smiling faces and happy laughs heard. Everyone had a blessed day with lots of enjoyment.

After School Enrichment Program

In keeping with our commitment to provide a quality education, CVCS has begun an after school enrichment program that incorporates the Mult-Intelligence approach to education.

We are having a fall session that started September 28th and will end December 8th. Then our spring session will begin February 7th and end week of April 11th. This fall we offered Violin, Clarinet, Art, Cheerleading, Cooking/Crafts, and Spanish. The students are having a great time and learning a lot while doing it. The classes start at 3:15 pm and end at 4:15 pm.

These classes provide an opportunity for your child to have extracurricular activities that will enhance their learning and develop their God-given abilities. We are going to recognize all of our students who participate and complete an enrichment class by awarding a “MI” certificate at the conclusion of each 10 week session.

Keep your eyes out for our Spring session schedule to see what classes we will be offering next!

Father-Son Bowling

Our fathers and sons had a terrific time bowling and enjoying an endless pizza buffet!!! There was not only friendly competition on the lanes, but in eating pizza as well!!! There were plenty of smiles and laughter as the evening proved to be a memorable time for all. This is just one of our many planned activities this year to promote and instill the love of family and unity amongst our school community.

Chick-Fil-A Family Night

Students, Parents, Friends, Family, and all Staff members of Chino Valley Christian Schools had an amazing time at Chick-Fil-A on October 7, 2010. As administration, teachers, and staff members welcomed families as they arrived; they were also greeted by the Chick-Fil-A “Cow” with great big hugs, high fives, and dancing moves! Everyone had a terrific time eating, playing, and enjoying time of fellowship.