Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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8 Reasons to Consider Private School for Your Children

If there are eight reasons to consider private school for your children, isn’t it time to at least think about it. Sure public school education can get students into college and going to public schools is not without its own unique benefits. But just because most people still send their children to public schools and just because public schools are free those really aren’t strong enough reasons to simply totally dismiss private schools as an option. There really are eight reasons to consider private school for your children. After you read these you probably can think of another 8 reasons to consider private school for your children.

1.  Getting into College. Perhaps out of the eight reasons to consider private school for your children the one that most frequently grabs parental attention is the fact that going to private school seems in most instances to mean that your child will be prepared for , and actually be accepted at, a good college when that time rolls around. Certainly many public high school students also get into good schools, but for parents who don’t like leaving things to chance, private schools do everything but provide you with a written guarantee that by attending their school your child will get into a good four year college. There is no doubt that private schools do a lot of networking with colleges and may as a result be able to fast track student acceptances. Private schools recognize the anxiety parents have about making certain their child gets into college. Acceptance rates for graduating classes at private schools are often a key part of the schools advertising, with some schools indicating that !00% of all graduates are accepted to four year colleges. That’s a record of success that makes private schools worthy of your consideration.

2.  Advanced Placement Courses by the Dozen . Advanced Placement courses are a regular feature on the high school landscape today. Public and charter schools offer Advanced Placement courses to help students who are well above the curve to gain college credit during their high school years thus opening up class time in college for more course in an area of interest or allowing for a 3 year college stint. What you will notice about private schools is that they offer Advanced Placement programs and tutorials in a wide range of subject areas that far exceeds what can be provided on the public dollar. While this might not be tops among the reasons to consider private school for your children, for those young people who have interest and ability in a highly specific content area, you are much more likely to find Advanced Placement courses that meet the students needs and interests in a private school setting.

3.  Getting one on one help and support in academic areas as a matter of course. Public schools have guidance counselors and they have many dedicated teachers who are willing to give extra time to students . What they don’t have, in most cases, is the small ratio of students to staff that make help and support in academic areas routine in private schools. Many private schools today feature adviser programs that connect students from the start of the school year with a staff member who will take that student under his or her wing and make certain that there is accountability in terms of student progress in all subject areas. The amount of time that can be spent on your child one on one is almost always going to be much greater at a private school. In those cases where getting kids into college is part of the operating principle truly no student will be left behind . If your child lacks enthusiasm for a subject area he will definitely receive a constant prod at a private school.

4.  Being exposed to other really bright , interesting kids. High school years can be very challenging for adolescents. Not only do parents want to see that their children are not bullied or excluded, they also would like to think that the friends a child makes are positive relationships that will help the child to grow. One of the eight reasons to consider private school for your child is not because the student body is perfect or because there will be no hazing. Kids are kids and feelings will get hurt. On the whole going to a private school means studying among students who have arrived on campus via a fairly rigorous sorting out process. Problem students for the most part have been eliminated from the mix. Private schools do help to control the pool of young people out of which your child will draw his friends for the next four years. There is something reassuring for parents to know that some of the weeding out process has already been done for their kids.

5.  There are scholarships . There really are ways in which private schools get a bad reputation. Movies, television and books paint the picture of a private school as a place for rich kids who come from rich parents, end of story. The fact of the matter is that most private schools have learned the importance in education of creating a diverse student grouping. You can’t get that kind of positive diversity if you consistently draw only from the affluent. For this reason private schools find themselves in the position of annually extending scholarship assistance to those students who prove that they can make a positive contribution to the school community. One of the eight reasons to consider sending your child to private school should be that, believe it or not, there may be a way to afford private school if your child is a good student with something to offer that will enhance a private school student body.

6.  It keeps all the options open. Sending your child to a private school will effectively mean that you have kept all his or her options open. No doors have been shut. He or she need not arrive at the decision that public school is the best that he or she can do. Going to private school means that everything in terms of a students academic, social, and economic future is still very much on the table.

7.  Consider the Locations. Many parents are concerned about sending their children to public or even charter school because of where the school is located. Private schools, even non-boarding private schools, are often found in pleasant, safe and secure areas. Private schools that are predominantly boarding schools are more often than not located in nearly storybook locations with great views and extensive campuses. There is something intellectually and personally freeing about being able to study in an atmosphere where students feel comfortable and safe . Many public schools today cannot offer that combination.

8.  Removes most of the things you don’t like about public schools Parents who agonize over sending their kids to the right school may want to consider sending them to a private school because once that decision has been made, parents can relax just a little bit. Parents have lots of issues with public schools. They complain about the courses, the teachers, the administration, the learning options, the athletic programs, the bus routes, the lunches and especially the security provisions. At a public school parents have a voice but their real power and options are often limited. Sending your child to a private school will first of all reduce your list of complaints but will also provide you with more of an opportunity to resolve your problems. Private schools survive on the satisfaction of their attendees and their parents. They like to resolve issues and not leave them out there to fester and become a public relations issue. Satisfying the customer is an important part of operating a private school.

You can and will find things that you don’t particularly like at private schools you visit. You may even decide in the long run that you do not like the private school approach to education. But ignoring private schools as a real possibility for your child may not be the best move you can make on his or her behalf. There are at least 8 reasons to consider sending your child to private school. Have you considered them thoroughly?