Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


Alumni Feature: “CVCS Graduate Writes From UCLA”

My name is Allison Green. I am an alumna of Chino Valley Christian School, graduating one of three valedictorians from the class of 2005.   I began attending CVCS in third grade when my family moved to the area from San Diego. I went on to graduate from High School 16th in my class of over 700 with a 4.3 GPA.  I’m currently a freshman at The University of California Los Angeles attending on an academic scholarship.

I credit much of what the Lord has done in my life to this point, to my attending CVCS.  Each of my teachers came along side my parents not only to superbly instruct me academically, but also to teach me the ways of the Lord.  As time went on, I came to understand what my parents meant when they would say, “This is a real Christian School.” Memorizing Bible verses by various creative methods over the years stand out in my mind and heart to this day.  The rehearsals and performances for Chapel and holidays were always so creative and fun.  Classes were often challenging with lots of homework, but my teachers were supportive and from that I learned the importance of diligence and discipline…I also began to understand the importance of a prayer life.

I encourage the students to realize what you have in CVCS.  God has a special purpose for your life. You’re there because God wants you to be there. You are privileged to be there and it is probably a considerable sacrifice for your parents…especially in this day and time.   Work hard in your classes, do not dismiss the Biblical teaching, and get involved in extracurricular activities…have fun!  To the parents of CVCS students, I would respectfully exhort you to be involved with the school in any way you can.  Communicate with the teachers and know what your children are doing.  You are your children’s number one advocate in life. Pray for them and with them often.

Thank you to Dr. & Mrs. Huang for obeying your calling from the Lord in establishing Chino Valley Christian School…and thank you so much for the opportunity to share in this way.

Allison Green

Alumni Feature:  “From St. John’s University …

Hello I’m Mercedes Trejo an alumna of Chino Valley Christian Schools.  I attended CVCS in the fifth grade after my parents had heard many great things about the school.  I graduated from High School on June 2009 with honors. I now attend St. Johns University in New York City on an academic scholarship.

CVCS is not only a school but a community to me.  A community of Christians where we can pray, worship, and praise God together. My 6th grade year, my family and I were healing from the murder of my aunt, uncle, and cousin. From the first day of school, I felt the love and care from every single faculty member.  Times when I felt I was alone and scared, God brought me a teacher or a friend that would hug me and say everything was going to be ok. This is how I know God lives in CVCS and in everyone there.

When I think of CVCS, I remember all the great friendships I created within the student body and with my teachers. I met many of my best friends at CVCS and we are still as close as ever. I thank CVCS for helping me decide on St John’s University. In my Senior year I had to make the biggest decision of my life: Michigan State or St. John’s University? I went back and forth for about two weeks listing the pros and cons. My parents kept reminding me that God would show us the right school for me. We prayed for those two weeks and God truly answered my prayers. I received my financial aid package from St. Johns days before my official acceptance letter had to be sent. They offered me a $12,000 academic scholarship with a great financial package. CVCS taught me that with prayer and faith anything is possible. Today I’m at a great college in the city I always wanted to live, trying to achieve my dreams. Not only do I thank CVCS for all the great memories I have, but also for helping me grow into the young woman I am today, academically and spiritually.

CVCS students, I want to tell you to enjoy every minute you have here. You may think your teachers are crazy for giving you so much homework, but believe me, it prepares you for high school and college. Listen to them and know that no matter what you need they will always be there for you. Work hard and always keep God first. With Him lighting your way, you can do anything. Parents, I know we live in hard times. Our economy is not doing that well and keeping your kids at a private school is a big burden financially. Just know that all your hard work and dedication is worth it. Although your kids might not show it now, they will be grateful for everything that you are sacrificing.

I want to thank Dr. and Mrs. Huang and all the faculty and staff for everything you have done for me and my fellow alumni. You all have a special place in my heart and I thank God for you every day. May God continue to bless you and all that you do.

Mercedes Trejo


Junior High Parent:

“I have noticed a change with my daughter.  All of it has been wonderful!  I love the teachers in how they are so enthusiastic in their teaching and how they want to mentor every child including my daughter.  I like the love of learning, but my daughter has grown with a joy for the Lord.  She is excited about her studies and wants to excel, not because of my prodding – and I do, but because of the staff – Mr. Murray, Mr. Plummer, Mrs. Hofferth, Mrs. Byrne, Mr. Swift, Mrs. Hsu, Mr. Jakini, Coach Joel, Coach Jones, Coach Dutton, and Coach Tooley.”

Junior High Parent:

“The management team at Chino Valley Christian School is awesome.  I come to the office and receive with respect an immediate response to any cares or concerns.   The communication with teachers is exceptional and definitely exceeds my expectations.  Mr. Murray is always willing to sit down and visit, to hear the hearts of parents, and to figure out the best direction for each student.  This staff has the love of the Lord and I am impressed with my school.”

Junior High Parent:

“The sacrifice that the teachers give to help my child succeed is remarkable.  The teachers are willing to meet with the students after school, during lunch, and make themselves accessible through email and other types of communication.  They go up and beyond the call of duty.”

Junior High Parent:

“The teachers compliment what I am trying to do at home.  I looked for a place that would teach morals, set goals, and to develop a high standard for my child.  Chino Valley Christian Schools offers all of it and more!”

Junior High Parent:

To the Principal:

Thanks for all that you and the staff do for the students and parents and others that are involved with CVCS.  Your continued impact into the lives of our children (for our daughter Torie and alumni Matthew) is so much appreciated.  Having you take the time to keep in touch with parents like us is what makes CVCS a special place.

Junior High Parent:

“I thank God for Chino Valley Christian School”

Junior High Parent:

“Of all the places that I spend my money, Chino Valley Christian School has been my best investment for my child.”

Junior High Parent:

“I am looking forward to Heaven.  Until I reach that perfect place, Chino Valley Christian School is a very good place for my family.”

Elementary student:

What I like about CVCS is how every teacher is unique.  CVCS has saved my lie.  Without the help of my wonderful teachers, I would not know God.  This school has helped me realize all the wonderful things Christ has given me, including being able to go to this school.  ChinoValleyChristianSchoolshave an extraordinary group who pay attention to every single child.  I have been here almost all my life and I am now a saved Christian!  CVCS 5th grade student


I like the teachers because they are nice.  CVCS has helped me to learn more things about the Bible.  CVCS is special because there are lots of things to do here.  CVCS 2nd grade student


At CVCS there have Christians and nice teachers and people.  I have learned more about math, science, and social studies and I like that we get to talk about God anytime we want.  The teachers make it special because they love us.  CVCS is special because we are all a big family.  CVCS 3rd grade student