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California Campus

International Program – Chino Valley Christian Schools is dedicated to providing an excellence in education for all I-20 international students enrolled. The program provides a rigorous and rich program of academics, athletics, technology, social development, and performing and fine arts. International students will be constantly interacting with their American classmates through a variety of learning opportunities, special events and social functions.

English Summer Camp-The purpose of the camp is to learn English, to experience American culture, to interact with local American students through a variety of planned fun activities and to enjoy sightseeing by visiting famous places in the Southern California such as Disneyland, Universal Studio, Hollywood Bowl summer concert, UCLA , and Palm Springs, etc.

           Winter Study Camp-Campers from overseas will spend two weeks living and learning with young people in Chino. Campers stay at the homes of local host families while supplementing their English studies at Chino Valley Christian Schools. The cultural exchange visit is part of an annual program. Every year, the school invites students from abroad to learn American culture and share their own culture with local students.


Overseas International Program


            American High School Diploma Program-Chino Valley Christian Schools has established overseas American High School Diploma Program that provides standard California Based curriculum that meets high school graduation requirements. The program offers rigorous and rich academic program that prepares students to enter an ideal American university when they graduate.



            Advanced Placement (AP) Program-Advanced Placement (AP) courses are college-level courses that a student can take during high school. There are a number of recognized merits for students who take AP courses, including better opportunity of being accepted by top ranked universities, better skills and habits that strengthen their academic ability in college, more time to move into upper level courses or pursue a double-major.



            Summer Study Camp-At our International Campus, we offer a variety of study courses such as ELD (English Language Development), Psychology, Sociology, American Government, Economics, Journalism, and SAT Preparatory, etc. during  the summer. 



International Winter Study Camp

On January 24, 2011 thirty eight students and five teachers from Beijing University Primary School, China arrived in California to attend Chino Valley Christian Schools International Winter Study Camp. This program consisted of the students staying with our host families and attending school with CVCS students. The program is designed to teach the students English and to expose them to American life and culture. During the week, the students arrived at school by 8:30 a.m. and attended English development classes for part of the day and then integrated into our classrooms for the second half of the day. After school from 3-5:00 p.m., the students were able to experience activities related to American life which included Disney Day, Hollywood Day, Country Day, Western Day, and American Past Times. On the weekends the CVCS teachers took the students on tours to expand their American knowledge. The students visited Disneyland, Hollywood, the L.A. Central Library, the Crystal Cathedral, and local city attractions.

On Thursday, February 3, 2011, Mayor Yates and Mr. James Na (Chino Unified School Board President) visited CVCS to meet our international students and to learn more about this amazing program. Not only did the international students have a great time, but so did our students!

Two weeks came and went quickly, but we enjoyed every minute of it. This has been a great experience for our CVCS students, international students, host families, and CVCS staff. Our school has learned so much from this experience! We look forward to more of these international opportunities so that we can continue to spread God’s Love and Global Vision.




I-20 Applications for admission in Chinese (中文入學申请表)

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